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ClientSanta Clara Pueblo
TypeDesign Build
LocationEspanola, NM

Black Mesa Water Line

The scope of this project included four wells drilled next to the Rio Grande River which ran up hill to a pump house where water was diverted into a manifold allowing the water to be sourced from each well individually or from all four wells, at the same time. The water was then run from the pump house to the Black Mesa Golf Course. Due to a portion of the work being run through Santa Clara Pueblo land, special attention had to be paid that operations did not disturb historically traditional sites. This project enlisted the cooperation and coordination across multiple agencies including the Santa Clara Pueblo, the US Fish and Wildlife, and the US Army Corp of Engineers. A US Government Certified Biological survey was completed to ensure that operations would not interfere with the natural habitate of the breeding silvery minnow, yellow billed coo coo, and the swallow tail fly catcher. In

addition, a specialty permit from the US Army Corp of Engineers was granted for the water lines that were to be installed underneath an existing arroyo.